What’s your Why?

I was recently asked by a friend what my why was for doing what I am trying to do. Well I did not exactly have this one important question figured out yet. The one thing I need to know to get to where I would like to go, I could not answer. The more and more I thought about it, the more and more I indulged into my mind to figure out my why.

I feel like I have never had a way to give back what I was given.  Now, I feel that I have something to offer with this. This optimistic view on life is changing me daily, and I want others to experience this same change. I want to give back, and help others do the same all at once.

To be completely honest, I have done a poor job of managing relationships with those closest to me.

I am admitting I have failed! And look, I am still alive, still here to let you know that we all fail. It is a part of life, an obstacle that we must not allow to control our way of living.

But remember; With every failure, there is a lesson.

Here is what I learned about a relationship from a friend:

A relationship is like climbing a ladder.

The left foot steps up one notch, and the right foot has to return the favor and step up the next notch. Without each foot giving back, it impossible to get any higher. The same works with two people in a relationship of any sort. If one is working more than the other, then eventually the one doing all the work will begin to tire out and lose interest in putting forth effort.

But when BOTH people give back to each other, you continue to CLIMB and CLIMB to a height so high that it cannot be reached by anything. You not only GROW, but the person on the climb with you is also GROWING.

To sum it up, MY WHY…

is to give back what I have failed to return in the past. To be the left foot to the other person’s right foot. To hopefully have my words and thoughts hit home with someone else who may or may not have similar feelings as me.

I want YOU to join with me. I want YOU to realize that we are already on the same team, so why not try to look at life in the best possible way?

We can achieve anything that we wrap our minds around, and I want people to realize this. Just as I am realizing everyday that life is a challenge, yes, but challenges make life stand out. Challenges make people come together. Challenges make you CRY, SWEAT, BLEED, DOUBT, and even BLIND you from your goals.

But do you know what the great part about that last line is?

Those TEARS, that SWEAT and BLOOD, that DOUBT, and those BLINDERS can all be removed by no one other than YOURSELF. YOU control the power. YOUR MIND controls the ability to allow you to conquer more than ever expected.

Obstacles are fun and enjoyable, not deathly and miserable. Embrace each obstacle as you should embrace each day; with a positive approach.

That’s my why. WHAT IS YOUR WHY?

Sit down, think about it, and let me know. Write it down and read it daily to remind yourself why you do what you do. Be the heartbeat when others stop beating.

Maybe its for a person that meant a lot to you, or that you have learned from, maybe in memory of someone, or maybe its not even for a person.

Just find a why to push your self and you will see a significant change in how you view things. Think Positive. Live Positive.


What’s your Why?

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