Smile for a While

Smile for a While

Think about this for one second…

Stop and think about one of the funnest times you had in your life. Think about that time you laughed so hard that you started to cry. Before you read on, go back to that moment in time and relive it again. Really remember the feeling of joy that you experienced for whatever time you may be recalling…

I bet it probably makes you smile, which puts you in a positive state of mind without you even realizing it. All of your worries went away for those couple of seconds that you managed to either laugh, chuckle, or crack a smile.

So if a smile has the power to take our worries and fears away, why not smile more?

Simply by smiling, we are allowing our minds to be free. A genuine smile has the ability to put us in a positive state of mind.

A true smile is one that carries a deeper meaning. It is a smile that has life, confidence, and a limitless expression of joy. We smile when we accomplish goals. We smile when we win that big game, make the big play, give one hell of a presentation, or when we are hanging out with a group of our friends.

We smile when we celebrate, we smile when we are in a good mood, and we smile after receiving some great news, like welcoming a newborn to the family. Basically, we smile as a sign of endless expression of joy and pleasure that taps into our inner soul.

“Smiling is the mind’s expression of showing thanks for being in a pure state of mind.”

Think you have nothing to smile about?

Sure you do. Smile at the little things throughout your day. When you wake up, when you see someone meaningful to you, or when you learn something new. Smile when you get off work, or even going to work, just for the simple fact that others may be going to work without a smile.

Still think you have nothing to smile about?

Then think positive. Just by thinking about being positive, you will want to smile more. Think about the good, and be proud to smile about it. Keep it simple and focus on the little things, and you will find more to smile about.

Give this a try…

Throughout your day, make it a point to smile at someone, and see how they react. If they give a smile back, then they are probably having a good day. If you get nothing back, or looked at like you are crazy, it is okay. Just keep smiling and you will be amazed at how your attitude is optimistic and how good of a day you will have.

*The only thing to remember is to be true when you  smile.*

Make it 100% honest each time you display your smile. There is one danger behind the smile, and that is only if it is abused, or used in the wrong way. Just as if you abuse anything, it can become unsafe.

Smile with a positive intent in mind, rather than one that may be negative. We have all given that “smart ass smirk” at one time or another.  A smile is not meant to be faked.  It is one of the truest emotions that a person can display, and it should not be taken advantage of.  A simple smile can say so many things to a person. It is a simple, yet effective way to put something positive in a person’s head, so be sure to attach your smile with a positive meaning.

A smile relates to happiness, and happiness is the mind’s ultimate goal in life. To achieve our definition of pure, joyful happiness would be such an accomplishment in our lives.

So what is the very first (and easiest) thing we can do to begin our pursuit of happiness?


Since so many of us are looking for the “easy way” to achieve certain things, start with a smile. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Make it a point to smile more by replacing any negative thoughts with positive ones. It’s not easy, because there will be many times that you do not want to smile just for the fact that you are not thinking positively.

Replace whatever negative is keeping you from smiling with a positive solution. Have hope, have faith, and have the persistence to continually look for positive outcomes. Let yourself reach your most savored goals simply by opening your mind to the world of positive. Keep it simple, and keep it smiling. If you would like to be known for something, try being known as that person that always has a smile on their face.  Thank you for your time and have a great day. 🙂

Think Positive. Smile for a While.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Smile for a While

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