“Cutting Down the Nets”

Michigan v Louisville

If you have never heard the phrase “Cutting Down the Nets,” it is a common phrase used in college basketball. “Cutting Down the Nets” is what one team gets to do after winning the National Championship. Each player of the winning team gets to climb on a ladder with a pair of scissors and cut a strand of the net to take home.

This phrase and process takes on more meaning than just cutting down a net on a basketball goal; rather it represents the one team that stands victorious above all others at the end of the year. To cut down the net is the dream and goal of every college basketball team and player.

Because the college basketball championship just took place Monday night, I figured this would be a great time to relate cutting down the nets to our own lives. Incase you missed it, Louisville was able to win the championship and cut down the nets over Michigan in a game that consisted of clutch performances and a true team effort.

In life, I also believe we have a net to cut down. But rather getting to cut down the net after we win in life, we must cut down this net in order to win in life.

Allow me to explain.

All of us should have certain goals and a positive direction that we would like our life to go in. But many times, we live our lives as if there was a net around us, which stops us from even attempting to reach a goal because we put up this net, or obstacle, for no reason.

We can see the goal, yet we do not believe we can get to it, as if there was a net around us. Since we believe we can not reach this goal, we never fully attempt to accomplish it. And because of this negative belief, we cut ourselves short.

We put an imaginary boundary around each step we take for what reason? Is it because we are scared we will fail? Maybe something will turn out differently from what we expected? Or maybe because we simply feel safe living in this net.

I know I have been living with a net around myself, and I’m sure plenty of others can say the same about their life. So what to do?

One challenge we face each day as we work to improve ourselves is the challenge of stepping out of our comfort zone. Comfort zones are great, but only to a certain extent. If we are the type that refuses to ever take a step outside of this zone, then we are limiting ourselves to what we can accomplish in life. In essence, we are living with a net around us. If you feel frightened to take a step out of your comfort zone, then there is nothing wrong with that.

That’s why it is a challenge, because it is not easy, but the most rewarding things in life are not easy. It goes back to the simple saying ,

“If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Remember, life is not easy; certain things may come easier than others, but each day we must be willing to face our challenges with a positive mindset. The only way to experience different joys in life is to step out of our own comfort zone and try something that we may feel uncomfortable doing. The more you do it,  the more comfortable you will get, which expands your comfort zone.

So how do we cut down the net around us?

If you have been following along with these blogs, then you may be able to guess the answer. It’s nothing new, and no big secret. The best thing is, we can all do it.

Start Small.

Instead of attempting to lift the net from around us all at once, start with a pair of scissors, and cut just one strand of the net, just as each player does after winning the National Championship.

Picture this… Maybe you would like to start eating healthy, but find it difficult to stay away from all the unhealthy foods each day. One thing you can do is to maybe eat one piece of fruit in place of a snack that may not be so good for you. Then, as you go on, begin to replace your meals with one healthy food at a time. This way, you are making a slow, steady transfer towards a healthier lifestyle without overloading yourself all at once. You may not see the difference right away, but eventually as you weed out the bad and replace it with the good, you will begin to see a significant difference.

So next time you find yourself looking through the net, be sure to stop, get some scissors, and cut a strand of the net around you. Cut one strand at a time, and over time, the net will no longer exist around you, leaving you to accomplish and try things you never would have in the first place. Whatever it is that you may want to do, start today, and cut a piece of the net. Keep a positive mindset and always remember to keep taking positive steps, no matter how hard it will be. We can all do it, and it is up to no one but our own self. Cut down the net, and win in the game of life.

Think Positive. Cut Down the Net.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

“Cutting Down the Nets”

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