Livin’ Pure

pura vida

Ever heard of the term “Pura Vida”?

I had never heard of it until a good friend told me of this saying. After a little bit of research, I figured out quickly this saying is more than just words, rather it is a way of life for the Costa Rican population. Pura Vida represents all things good, and characteristics such as happiness, well-being, and conformity. To translate, it means “Pure Life”.  This term is used as a greeting, a farewell, or whatever other positive ways you can find to put it to use. English interpretations include, “take it easy,” “enjoy life,” and  “all good.”

What is a Pure Life?

Is there any better way to look at life, other than being pure? The word “Pure” implies that there is nothing mixed that does not belong. When speaking of life, this has to do with any negative influences that we may encounter throughout our journey. A pure life is free from the thoughts and actions that may tarnish not only our self, but those around us.

What can we take from “Pura Vida?”

Pura Vida suggests that no matter how bad you think you may  have it, there is always someone else who may not be experiencing the same things as you, but can highly relate to your pain in a different way. Pura Vida puts everyone on the same page, making it easy to understand that no one person is alone. Instead, we are all together, as one.  It is a way of making people appreciate what they have and to not take anything for granted.

Life is a once in a lifetime deal, so why not live it to the purest form we can?

Why not give your best effort all the time? Why not turn a negative into a positive? By putting a positive spin, or pure outlook, on everything that we experience, we are putting the term “pura vida” into full effect!

How can we live a pure life?

It starts with YOUME, and EVERYONE else. We can help our cause by realizing that throughout our lifetime, we are going to face challenges, obstacles that seem insurmountable, and tragic events. I hate to use this term, but there are going to be times when life bends us over, and we have to take it. (That is the complete truth, take it or leave it, but I hope you understand.)

The best thing for us to do is realize that these events are out of our control. The only approach to take once these events happen is to think of how we can learn or become a better person from whatever we may experience. It’s fine to grieve, but you must not let the grieving period affect the direction of your life in a destructive way. Try to find motivation in events that have you asking, “why me?”

 People come and go in our lives, events come and go, failure and success even comes and goes; but we must find a way to make positive come, while making negative go.

Once we find this, life will offer us many more encouraging events, simply because we are looking for the good in each situation that arises. In life, we tend to find what we are looking for, if we remain persistent and determined. Whatever it is.  If you want that job, you work and work until you get it, if you like to shop, I’m sure you look and look until you find that perfect shoe you have been wanting. If you like photography, you look and look for that perfect shot. If you are a thrillist, you look and look, waiting to unveil that next something that gets your adrenaline running. It may be on a larger scale or a smaller scale than that, but I hope you get my drift.

My point is…

If we look for things in our life that make us happy, then we will be able to live life with much more joy and appreciation because we are in pursuit of something bigger than ourselves. We are in pursuit of a mindset and a way of life. 

A way of life that will not only influence ourselves, but everyone whom we come in contact with.  It is only when we give up, that we fail to find whatever it is we are looking for. But giving up is a negative expression, whose best friend is failure, and we must eliminate any negative expressions in order to live a more pure life.

You may also ask, “Why Me?” when something seemingly goes wrong in your life.

Because obstacles are put in our way not to slow us down, but to make us stronger. If we allow ourselves to move backwards, then we are digging ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole.

Why do you think we walk forwards and not backwards? Just because we are made like that? Well I think it is an EVERYDAY REMINDER, no matter how good or bad life may be going, that we must always continue to strive forward. We must always look to live a pure life!

Thank you for reading, and please remember to keep those affected by the bombs at the Boston Marathon in your prayers. This is one of those tragic events that leaves us asking “Why?” It’s one of those times where we must send our support and thoughts to those affected, allowing them to never feel like they are alone during such a difficult time. Send them the strength and courage to stay positive at a time in which it is so easy to point out the negative.

Think Positive. Pura Vida.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Livin’ Pure

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