Treat Yourself!

treat yourself!

Over this past weekend, a friend was telling me about a particular episode of a TV show in which the theme of the show was “Treat Yourself.” He explained that each time someone would express they wanted something, the other person would respond by saying “Treat Yo Self!” After hearing about this, I instantly began to think about how those two words can play a role in our life.

We all do it from time to time in one way or another. We do something for so long that it begins to get old to us. Or there are just those days that we just are not our normal self.

The same goes for trying to be positive in life. The daily grind of events in our own life and those close to us seem to take a toll on us. The ability to find the positive in each situation gets harder and harder as we go on. Seemingly, positive gets old and sometimes we resort to the easy solution, negativity. We say, “Screw this” and “Screw that,” and we tend to lose focus of where we are and where we would like to go with our life. Our path becomes blurred, and the struggles only add to the frustration.  Life comes at us so fast and is so nonstop that it begins to take a toll on us as. We have all been there, and it’s normal.

So what can we do to try to avoid these negative feelings?

Treat Yourself!

Just like when you reward a child for doing a great job with an ice cream or a new toy. Just like you reward your dog with a treat after learning a new trick or actually going to the bathroom outside instead of in the house. Make sure you do not forget to reward yourself.

As we grow older and become more independent, that someone that used to be there to encourage us may not be there anymore, and that is where we have to help our own self. We must be honest with ourself and be able to treat ourself when we have been working hard, and the daily grind seems to be wearing us down.

I’m no professional on the topic by any means of the word, but it is only reasonable to reward our own self from time to time for accomplishing a goal, or for just simply remaining persistent at whatever it is we wish to accomplish. It’s alright to take a quick timeout from the everyday grind, as long as we use that timeout to our advantage in a positive way. We must be conscious enough though to realize that we must earn each reward we give our self and we must be honest enough not to take advantage and make the reward process last longer than the grinding process.

Rewards are meant to be quick, and a little reminder to stay on track. They are a positive way to keep moving forward.

The grinding process is just that, a grind. But grinding it out is a good thing, as long as we make sure to treat our self from time to time. So instead of turning your back when times are hard, be proud of the obstacle and welcome the challenge. Recognize this, and take a quick timeout to treat yourself. Treat yourself because of the good that life has to offer. Most importantly, treat yourself because you earned it.

If you feel you haven’t earned it then that’s great! Admit it to yourself and go do something so that you can earn a reward.  Rewards are for everyone because we all have the ability to be rewarded. Some actually earn it while others wish they had earned it. My question to you; Which do you want to be? You have the ability to do whatever you please. Realize this and work to achieve your goals. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Think Positive. Treat Yourself.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Treat Yourself!

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