Is Your Slice of Pie Too Big?


Since last week we talked about rewarding ourself, I figured the topic of over-rewarding would be a great follow-up. Because, let’s face it, who hasn’t taken a little bit bigger piece of the pie than they probably should have? We all have been there at one point or another. Rewarding and treating yourself is an excellent way to keep moving forward and stay focused, but just as with anything, if we do too much of it, it can begin to turn against us.

Is there such thing as cutting too big of a piece of pie?

Of course our eyes may not think so, but our stomach may most definitely agree. The same goes for rewarding ourselves. When we receive a reward for something, it is generally because we did something positive. Maybe something as big as accomplishing a life long goal, or something as small as waking up the first time we hear that aggravating alarm instead of hitting the snooze button for that extra 10 minutes, which can turn into 20 minutes, and so on. Something that we have all been guilty of. Plan to reward yourself for everything you do simply because rewards keep us motivated to do more. Life should be full of rewards, both big and small!

The one thing we should all try to understand is there should be no reward if there is no accomplishment. Just like there is no life without a beating heart, no talking on the phone without reception, or no relationship without effort.  We must remember that a reward should first be triggered by some type of achievement, all the way from the little things to the big things.

Is your slice of pie too big?

By this I mean do we take a foot when given an inch? Or take a mile when given a yard? The REWARD has to correlate to the TASK that was accomplished for the reward to even exist in the first place. They have to weigh the same, they must balance each other out, however you like to put it, you just have to be honest with yourself when choosing an appropriate way to reward yourself. Make sure that you can eat your pie, and continue on with your day, rather than eating so much that you become unproductive. If you happen to cut too big of a slice, you can always share some with a friend.

Be reasonable and be honest when it comes to rewards.

On a side note…

Not all rewards are going to be something of material. For example, Self-Fulfillment is a newly discovered reward for myself that keeps me moving forward in life. Some rewards can even be to help others out because it is self-fulfilling. Or maybe you get a raise you worked so hard for and instead of buying yourself a new toy, you chose to spend your money on someone else. A reward can even be a simple pat on the back.  All I have to say is this, just make sure you are positive and have healthy intentions in whatever it is that you may do. You will get rewarded if the effort is there and you remain persistent. Micheal Jordan ( a man who knows a thing or two about rewards and effort) once said,

“If you do the work, you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life.”

So when rewarding oneself be sure to keep that thought in mind!


I think it is fairly easy to see that over-rewarding does exist. If you still can’t see it does exist, eat a nice meal and cut yourself a large piece of pie for dessert and learn the hard way. (Nothing wrong with learning the hard way so long as you do indeed learn!) Remember the saying, “To much of one thing is bad?” This saying is perfect for this very topic.

Keep this in mind…

We must try to maintain an attitude that puts forth the work first, then allows the reward to follow after. . One that is 100% honest to our self. Not 70%, not 80%, not even 99.9%, but 100%. If we can do that, we will see an instant improvement in our quality of life.

And remember, it is not easy and we will not be perfect. I make mistakes, you make mistakes, WE all make mistakes but we must TRY to find the positive and acknowledge these mistakes. If you struggle TRYING to find a positive, it’s OKAY! Just TRYING and THINKING positive is exactly where you should start. So YOU can do it , and YOU are capable!

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to sharing more thoughts next week.

Think Positive. Enjoy Your Pie.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Is Your Slice of Pie Too Big?

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