Win or Learn?

win or learn

We all know the infamous saying, ” You either win or lose.”

But what if we replace that one negative word (lose) with a word that has more of a positive spin to it?

Win or Learn.

John Calipari, head coach of the University of Kentucky Wildcats Men’s Basketball Team, used this statement when speaking of his young team. He simply said,

“It’s either we win or we learn.”

This statement really intrigued me because it is an easy way of taking losing out of the game. It’s a way of correcting mistakes, and taking the positives out of a negative outcome, which is exactly what we want to do in the game of life.

The difference between winning and losing all comes down to execution…. 

Whether it is a sporting event, that sales pitch you have been working on, or that goal you have been trying to reach, the people who execute their strategy are generally known as winners.

Those that fail to execute the “game plan” are the unfortunate ones that come up on the so-called “losing side.” But just because we may fail to execute does not mean we have to lose also. Will the majority of people look at it like a loss? Probably So. But does that mean you have to follow in suit? No.

Take your failure and learn from it. Try not to make the same mistakes over and over again, and eventually, as you continue to learn from your failure, you will begin to win.

Simply put:

A good way to turn a loss into a win is to look at it as a learning experience. 

What did you do that maybe you could have done differently to receive a more likely outcome? What did you do good? What did you do bad, or fail to do? Recognize this and work from it.

Remember, we are all going to experience different losses throughout our life in one way or another. Who we are will be defined by how we allow these losses (or learning experiences) to play a role in our life.  And if you think you have never lost, then how do you know what it feels like to win? A person who wants the best for themselves will learn to win by first realizing how they lost. Winning and life go hand-in-hand, just for the simple fact that neither of them is guaranteed. Keep that in mind as you go throughout your day.

Thank you for reading and have a great rest of the week.

Think Positive. Win and Learn.

Think Positive. Live Positive. 

Win or Learn?

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