How Do You Roll?

how do you roll

There are a few different ways in which we can roll. We can roll forward, roll backwards, or roll absolutely nowhere. Of course, we all want to roll forward and avoid rolling backwards.

But what about those times when we aren’t rolling anywhere?

We just sit there, waiting for the next move to be made by someone other than ourselves. I know I have been in this position a number of times, and I’m sure plenty of us can relate to this situation. Simply put, we are neutral.

Let’s look at this word a little deeper. To be neutral is to not help or support either of two opposing sides. To be in a position of disengagement. To be not decided. From the looks of it, neutral has the disposition to be a word that can have negative attached to it. Now, neutral is not something horrible, but when we consider how it plays a role in terms of life, neutral should be a gear that we rarely use, just like with our car. Let me Explain.

Picture this. You are sitting in your car on level ground, you put your car in N……and go nowhere. Now picture being on a slight incline. You put your car in N…….and begin to slowly start rolling backwards before you have to put your foot on the brake. Now one more. Picture being on a slight decline. You put your car in N……and begin to slowly start rolling forward before you have to put your foot on the brake so you do not bump into the person in front you.

What does picturing a car being in N have to do with life?

It just shows that when we are neutral, we either go forwards, backwards, or nowhere. By being neutral, we allow our environment to determine who we are, instead of us choosing our environment. I am guilty of just being neutral, and I can guess many of us are guilty of this. We just sit in the car and let the direction of the road make our move for us. If we are surrounded by a positive environment, our car (or our own self) may begin rolling forward, which is what we want. But what if we are neutral and end up on the other side of the fence, the negative environment? We will simply remain stagnant and may even begin to take backwards steps, which is when being neutral can work against us.

Let’s not kid ourselves, there are those times when we will be on the fence about certain things. Sometimes, a decision just seemingly is too hard to make. We all have those moments where we aren’t quite sure, so we take the easy road; neutral.

What I have started to notice and am trying to work on myself is we should try to be neutral as little as possible because decisions are what drives our car everyday. If we are neutral, we simply aren’t making a decision, leaving ourselves vulnerable to whatever road we are sitting on.

But for those times we are stuck in N, be sure to come to your conclusion with a positive intent and mindset. Be on the decline so you can roll forward until you figure out exactly where you would like to go. If you happen to realize you are neutral and are rolling backwards or remaining stagnant, be sure to step on the brake, realize it, and put your car in P. Switch your mindset to Positive, then put your car in D.  Make Positive Decisions and you will see the difference in your life.

Decisions are not easy, but decisions are what we are defined by. Our everyday decisions determines our character and where we want to go with life.

Now next time you are in your car and need that little reminder to roll forward, look no further than the gears.


We start off in P (Park), just like we want to start our day off with something Positive. We put it in D (Drive) to move forward, the same way our Positive Decisions will help us move forward. And Reverse? Well that’s for those times we are in a jam and simply need to back out of it. And Neutral is just that. We don’t use it too often, but when we do, we should make sure we are rolling in the right direction.

Is Neutral Negative?

I hope we have come to see that neutral can be negative, but it also has a positive side to it, which is what we should focus on. Follow those who look for positive and allow your car to roll down that hill. Press the brakes when you get on an incline, and make a positive decision to keep yourself from rolling backwards.

Simply put it in park when you need to take that quick timeout in life and remember the positive. We need each gear on the car to get around, just as we need each of the “gears of life” to get around. Be aware of which gear you are in and always work to roll your car forward. Don’t be scared to hit the gas pedal a little and take steps out of your comfort zone either. Because there is always the brake to slow you down if you begin to lose control.

Remember, try not to be neutral whenever possible, but for those times you are, make sure you are in a positive state of mind. It may help you come to a decision.

I like trying to roll forward. But what about you? How do you roll?

Think Positive. Roll Forward.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

How Do You Roll?

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