My 270 Mile Journey

On July 19-21st,  6 friends and I will be participating in a 270 mile charity bicycle ride, which spans from Massachusetts to Connecticut, called the Tri‐State Trek. This incredible event, now in its tenth year, is designed to raise money to end ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a neurodegenerative disorder that paralyzes the body but leaves the mind intact. Patients, on average, live between two to five years. There is no cure; an ALS diagnosis is a death sentence.

We ride to change that; and ALS TDI is driven by a single, profoundly important goal ‐ to discover viable treatments for ALS as quickly as possible.

I was approached by Grif Fos of the GOOD FOLKS MOVEMENT to ride with him and 5 others for Team Good Folks. Team Good Folks is composed of individuals who are committed to positively impacting the lives of others by competing in and completing activities that are both mentally and physically demanding. I extend a huge Thank You to Grif and Team Good Folks for this unique opportunity!

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Team Good Folks’ mission for this journey is twofold for each rider.  1) To raise $1,800 in search of a cure for ALS, and 2) To raise $2,000 for former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason and the Team Gleason House of Innovative Living, which is designed to help those diagnosed with incurable neuromuscular disorders live more independently.  It’s ONLY the second residence of its kind and is located in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans, LA. (If you don’t remember Steve Gleason, click here and here to refresh your memory!)

With that said, I will also be riding to represent Team Mind.Set.Go., which is a brand created to remind people to stay positive and also help people give back at the same time. I speak a lot of stepping out of comfort zones and taking action, and I feel like this opportunity was given to not only myself, but to everyone who wishes to make a positive impact, to put words and thoughts into actions.

I’m not doing this for myself; rather I’m doing it as a way to give back, to support a great cause, and be a catalyst for the message I am trying to send. I have no idea what to expect, and along with this sense of unknowing comes an extreme sense of nervousness. But again, this is not about me, it’s about something far greater. Just like with My 10 Mile Journey, I never thought of attempting something like this. Now, I am not only attempting it, but I will cross that finish line. I know it will be difficult, and I know the thoughts of stopping will continue to pop in my head, but I will embrace the challenge and replace any negative with a positive in order to keep pushing on. It comes down to showing even the smallest bit of support any way I can, and by the will of God, I am here now, preparing for this 270 Mile Journey.

I have committed to raise at least $2,000.00 for the Team Gleason House of Innovative Living.  My teammates and I will not only train our body, but also our minds to cycle 270 miles in three days. I have no idea what to expect other than that it will be extremely difficult, and that the challenge presented is minimal when compared to the adversity those with ALS have to face on a daily basis. I do know, however, that a positive mindset is crucial in both raising the money and completing the ride.

Now, I am asking for you to help by taking action along with me…

Let’s come together as a team and help support this cause. Whether you are a first time reader of the Mind.Set.Go. blog or have been following along, it’s time to make a positive impact. Knowing that we have your support will give us a great sense of comfort as we try to cope with stepping out of comfort zones and taking this journey. But more importantly, your donation is supporting a great cause. Each of you that donate and help out will be in my mind as I ride, which will help me to push on to support this cause. In a sense, you will be riding along with me, pedal for pedal, mile by mile.

So let’s come together as Team Mind.Set.Go. and lend our help to another team of like-minded, positive individuals. Take this journey with me as we support this positive cause. Let’s make our first positive impact together! Every dollar counts, every bit of support counts, and every kind donation is one positive step in which we all wish to make.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. If anything, keep not only me, but everyone else attempting this ride in your thoughts and prayers and remember to think positive as you go throughout your day.

To Donate and help reach our monetary goal, please click on this link and click on the green Donate button at the bottom of the page!

Think Positive. Take this ride with me.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Team Mind.Set.Go.

My 270 Mile Journey

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