It’s A Small World

small world

Upon preparing for the Team Gleason House of Innovative Living Fundraiser that we are putting on this Friday, and in the midst of preparing for My 270 Mile Journey and attempting to both ride and raise money to support those who must battle ALS on a daily basis, my good friend James received an unexpected email that really showed how much everyone’s support for this cause matters, whether we realize it or not. And what made it even better was that it came from a friend of a preschool teacher that James had when he was 3 years old. Someone who actually had a positive impact on James and so many others in the Laplace area that attended St. Timothy’s preschool at a young age.

The purpose of the email was thanking us for showing support for ALS. As it turns out, James’ former preschool teacher at St. Timothy’s in Laplace was diagnosed with ALS over 3 years ago and has become good friends with Steve Gleason and his family, which is the foundation in which we are riding for and raising money to show our support. Later on in the email, it was stated that my brother, Klay, was also a student of Mrs. Melanie, and no telling how many other people she not only taught, but affected their lives in the most positive of ways.

It’s a Small World.

And I am beginning to learn, that because it’s a small world, you may be surprised at whose lives you can be touching by extending your support.

It’s the fact that we are getting thanked by a person for simply showing support for a cause which has affected someone’s life in our own community that really goes to show how far a positive act can go. I’m not riding for myself. I’m riding for those people that we may know, and we may not know, such as Mrs. Melanie. For the people who may have first touched our lives or the lives of others in a positive way. We are raising money not for our self, but for all that we may or may not know. Because just as this simple email shows, our support has a larger-than-life meaning.

I wanted to share this story with everyone because James and I are not the only ones that need to be thanked.

Everyone who has extended a hand, and everyone who plans on helping to support this cause also needs to be thanked.

Everyone who is anyone that shows support for any such positive cause needs to be thanked. By coming together, as a team, we can help others in ways we could never have imagined. You never know, you may just be supporting someone in your own community that you were not aware of beforehand, which happens to be the case in this unique situation.

I also want to send a special thanks to Lance Oncale of Fatty’s Main Street Grill in Laplace. Lance has offered his help in cooking the pastalaya for Friday’s Fundraiser, which we know will make our taste buds very happy. It’s Good Folks like him and all of you who come together to show support that display how our actions can help to make a positive difference.

I again want to thank Grif Fos of the Good Folks Movement for offering the rare opportunity to ride 270 Miles with Team Good Folks.  It will be a journey in which we will ride for all those who are unable to ride. (I urge you to read about the Good Folks Movement by simply clicking on the links! Absolutely Great Story and something positive for everyone!)

Thank you for reading, and thank you for showing support. Remember that positive differences are made through positive actions.

Think Positive. Show Support.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Team Mind.Set.Go.

It’s A Small World

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