Time for a Shout Out!

Before you read this article, please click here and watch this short video. It goes along with the rest of what I am about to say!

If you have been following along, you should know this past Friday, we put on our first fundraiser to raise money for the Team Gleason House of Innovative Living. Unfortunately, I was not in town for the actual fundraiser because I had to go out of town for work. Although I was very disappointed I could not be there on Friday, I am  a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

And just from being out of town, it became quite obvious to me how important the concept of a team is. Without each and every person that contributed in any sense of the word, this fundraiser would not have been nearly as successful.

With that said, I want to use this post as my microphone to give a shout out to each and every person that took the time to lend a hand throughout the entire fundraising process. Please, take the time to read each person’s name and how they contributed. Although you may or may not know each of these people, each one of them has become part of our team, Team Mind.Set.Go, and each one of them has helped to make a positive difference. Thank you all for your time and your effort. Also, some pics are sprinkled in for your enjoyment. Click on them to view a larger image.

So, here it goes….

Thank you, James Callahan, who has been my right hand man with planning and setting up everything. Without him, I certainly would not be writing this post today.

Fundraiser james msg shirt
James rocking his Mind.Set.Go. Tee while helping distribute meals.

Thank you, Grif Fos of the Good Folks Movement, for helping distribute meals, push this, and for this opportunity. (If you have not checked out the Good Folks Movement yet, please take the time to do by clicking on the link above.)

Fundraiser passing meal
James and Grif Fos working hard.

Thank you, Lance Oncale from Fatty’s Main St. Grill and Bar, for cooking the pastalaya that everyone enjoyed.

Fundraiser lance cooking
Lance working the Pastalaya.

Thank you, Kyle Faucheaux, for helping to get flyers out and spread the word.

Thank you, Courtney Robottom, for helping us spread the word.

Thank you, Jessie Braud, for helping us spread the word and for your enthusiasm to help.

Thank you, Chase Mathews, for taking time out of your day to help distribute meals.

Fundraiser chase corn
And there’s Chase taking care of the corn.

Thank you, Mrs. Natalie Tatje, for helping us spread the word.

Thanks to my brother Klay, who came shopping with me and who sacrificed sleep in order to help prepare supplies with me.

Thanks to Whitney Rizzuto, for helping us spread the word.

Thank you to our friends at Subway for preparing each cookie to pure perfection.

Thanks to Regions Bank, Reserve Telephone Company, and the Louisiana Federal Credit Union for your support.

Thanks to Steven Faucheaux and the Sheriff’s Office for your support.

Thanks to our friends at the Robottom Mortuary for your support.

Thank you Natalie Robottom and the St. John Parish Office for all that you do and for your support.

Thank you Baileigh Rebowe and Paige Braud Falgoust for your help and enthusiasm in spreading the word.

Fundraiser Bail
We even had the girls working. Thank Yall!

Thanks to Darin Helm and Dex Falgoust for helping us spread the word and to everyone at the Riverlands Insurance Office for your support.

Thank you Mrs. Karen Fisse of Fisse Graphics, for all that you have helped us with.

Thank you Lindsey Vicknair of Riverlands Country Club for helping us spread the word.

Thanks to our photographer and friend, Corey Clay, for taking time to snap some shots and also lend a helping hand. Check out more of his work by clicking here. He is passionate about photography and helping anyway he can. If you ever need someone to snap some photos for you, seriously consider him.

Fundraiser pasta
That’s how it’s done

Thanks to Brenda and Jimmy Callahan who have supported James and I from the start.

Thanks to everyone at Marathon and Motiva Enterprises for your support.

Thank you to our friends at Rose Dermatology for your support.

Thank you to my mom and dad, Dawn and Kris Olasin, for also supporting us in all of our efforts.

Thank you to everyone single person who purchased a meal or gave a kind donation to help us support this positive cause.

With everyone’s help, we were able to raise $ 1,563 (with donations still coming in) for the Team Gleason House of Innovative Living!

I have always believed that a team effort will get you much further than any one individual effort can. It’s the purpose and intent behind a team that really pushes each individual involved to be at their very best. It’s the simple fact that if each person involved contributes just a tiny bit, then no one person has to exhaust themselves. It just all adds up.

A little bit here, and a little bit there, adds up to a whole lot at the end of the road. Expectations can be surpassed, and a perfect example of this was from the local fundraiser we just put on last Friday. The amount of support in which we received was much more than expected, and to watch everyone come together as a team was truly amazing.

My point for this Shout Out;

1) Is to help everyone notice this is a complete team effort, and when people come together as a team, great things can be accomplished.

2) Each person is vital in making a difference and each person is capable of making a positive difference, even if it doesn’t seem like much. A little is always better than nothing at all.

3) Without each and every person, none of this is possible. You all have helped make a positive difference, and for that, we thank you! Have a great day and even better weekend, and remember to think positive as you go throughout your day!

So that’s my shout out. Now it’s your turn. Make it a point to tell someone thanks for something they have done that may have been helpful to you. Let them know their help is appreciated.

Think Positive. Give a Shout Out.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Team Mind.Set.Go.


Time for a Shout Out!

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