Call Your Friend

Hello everyone and welcome back! I want to first start off by wishing everyone a very happy 4th of July, and I hope we are all able to get a little bit of celebrating and fun in. And because I know we all want to start celebrating, I will keep this short and sweet.

Hopefully you will be able to kick back and have some fun with family and friends, both old and new for the 4th.

But with that said, I recently watched a video which was titled, “Taking 10 minutes out of your day to call an old friend won’t kill you.” From the title, you can guess what it was about, and hopefully you see where I’m going with this.

The video is simply about a guy who keeps intending to call an old friend, but he uses the distractions of his everyday life to keep putting off the simple phone call. Well, eventually, his lack of action led to him receiving a telegram which contents informed him that his friend had passed away. An old friend had now become vanished, and now he will never get to make that one simple call.

I’m pretty sure plenty of us can relate to this story. We have a friend or plenty friends that we have not spoken to in a while, but we always wonder what that person may be up to. We never actually get around to picking up the phone because we conjure up excuse after excuse.

Today, I’m dropped the excuses and I called my old friend Russel (or Red as I know him), who I was able to play one year of college baseball with and who I shared plenty of great times with. We had a nice talk and got to catch up from not having talked in so long. The funny thing is I actually thought about calling him the other day, but for some reason never got around to it.

My challenge to you:

Pick up the phone and do the same. Call an old friend and wish them a Happy 4th. Hell, even share a laugh or two with them. If they don’t answer, leave a message.  Take a little bit of action to make someone smile and put them in a positive state of mind.

Thank you for reading and be sure to take that little bit of action today. Happy 4th of July!

Think Positive. Call an old friend.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Call Your Friend

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