Yes, You Can

Hello everyone and thanks for taking time to give this a read. Today, I want to share with you the true life, incredible story that expresses the importance of a team. It’s the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt.

Rick, who is 51, was born with cerebral palsy, which leaves him unable to talk and move his arms and legs. His 73 year old father, Dick, has in a way been serving as his son’s arms and legs by participating in over 1,000 physical endurance events which spans over a 30 year period. Included in those 1,000 events are 31 Boston Marathons, along with a number of triathlons and IronMans!

Dick pushing his son Rick.
Dick pushing his son Rick.

But Dick isn’t taking part in these events by himself. In every single event, he pushes, pulls, and pedals his disabled son along with him every step of the way. Dick and Rick are a team and are both heroes and catalyst for maintaining a positive mindset although the circumstances were seemingly never in their favor. Dick states that without Rick, he would have never thought about doing anything like this. Rick is his inspiration and his motivation.

Dick and Rick share a motto and wish to spread it to everyone. Their motto?

“Yes, you can.”

In an article I recently read about these two inspirations, Dick said,

” Our motto is ‘yes, you can’ and we strive to always persevere even when others tell you it cannot be done.”

(This is a quote I will keep in mind as I take part in My 270 Mile Journey in a couple of weeks. Maybe you can also use it for motivation as you go throughout your day.)

Team Hoyt Swim
Dick pulling his son Rick in the water.
Team Hoyt on the bike rolling.
Team Hoyt on the bike rolling.

In fact, their actions over the years have inspired so many that they will be receiving the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPYS on July 17 on ESPN. This award is given in honor of late NC State basketball coach, Jimmy V, who was able to inspire millions during his battle with cancer. If you get a chance, be sure to tune in to see their story and how they were able to accomplish so much as a team. Click here to watch a video of this father/son team, known as Team Hoyt.

So my message to you today is simple:

1) When you think you can’t, stop right there because you can. Be willing to persevere and be willing to embrace the journey that life has to offer you. Don’t take it from me; take it from two people like Rick and Dick Hoyt who are able to accomplish feats as a team that many individuals believe to be impossible.

Yes, You Can.
Yes, You Can.

2) If you are struggling to take some kind of action towards reaching your goals, search for a teammate that will push you along the way. You are able to accomplish much more when you are part of a team as opposed to taking part as an individual.

Thank you for reading and have a great rest of the week.

Think Positive. Yes You Can.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Team Mind.Set.Go.

Yes, You Can

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