37 Reasons to Retire #37

Today, I read a letter written to Saint’s owner, Tom Benson. The purpose of the letter was petitioning the Saint’s owner to retire Steve Gleason’s #37 jersey. Well, upon learning about Steve Gleason and his battle with ALS, reading articles of his inspiring acts, and finding out his optimistic view on life, I figured I could do my part to support Mr. Gleason. Here is a list of 37 reasons I have put together as to why Steve Gleason’s #37 jersey should be retired. I hope you enjoy.

37 Reasons to Retire Steve Gleason’s #37:

1) He was responsible for one of the most memorable plays in Saint’s history.

A play that will go down in Saint's History.
A play that will go down in Saint’s History.

2) He is a giver. He gave the city of New Orleans one hell of a memory. He is giving people with ALS more hope to live a meaningful life. He gives meaning to life when others may have given up. Givers should get something in return, and this would be a great way to return what he has given to all of us.

3) We can learn from him. His positive approach to life is one that should not be overlooked.

4) He’s already a key part of a statue outside of the stadium, so let’s make his presence known inside the stadium as well.

5) His stats are unbelievable! (Really, click here to check them out.)

6) He serves as an example for everyone, not just the people in the city of New Orleans.

7) He has turned a situation in which so many people view as a disadvantage into an advantage by helping to raise awareness for ALS. For that alone, he should be rewarded.

8) His story is one to be shared and not forgotten. Looking up at his jersey inside the stadium would tell a story of a man who made a difference both on and off the football field, in the most positive of ways.

9) One play symbolizes the rebirth of the city of New Orleans; One player was responsible for that moment. #37.

10) Not everyone chooses to fight like Steve Gleason has, both for himself and for others.

11) He made the play on Special Teams because he is a Special Person with a Special Purpose in a Special City.

12) Steve Gleason is someone to look up to. Hang his jersey so everyone who walks in to the Superdome can literally look up to him.

13) It would help Steve’s Goal of raising awareness for ALS.

14) He has chosen to live life with ALS, rather than die from it. For that, He should live on as a Saint forever.

15) His efforts influence fans and players across the league alike. Few people can have this effect on people.

16) He will have opposing fans and players saying WHO DAT. If they are unaware of Steve’s meaning to this city and they see #37 hanging in the Dome, they will turn to a Saint’s Fan, point to his jersey, and say, “WHO DAT!”

17) It’s safe to say his action off the field is one that represents the Saint’s Franchise rather well.

18) He wants people to keep their heads held high. Retire his jersey and hang it in the Dome so people can hold their heads high when remembering the great #37.

19) The man had some great hair back in his playing days!

That's a great head of hair. You have to admit.
That’s a great head of hair. You have to admit.

20) He said he refuses to go quietly. So retire his jersey and allow the WHO DAT Nation to make some noise with him.

21) Not everyone shares Steve Gleason’s outlook on life, but his outlook is one to be shared with everyone!

22) He serves as an inspiration to all who have taken the time to learn about him.

23) He has literally built his own team. That’s tough to do! Check out Team Gleason.

24) He is a leader. Enough said.

25) He’s a Saint, and he ain’t ever gonna be anything else!

26) Every Saint’s Fan remembers where they were at on September 25, 2006 when Gleason blocked that punt. Retiring his jersey would just cement that great memory.

27) Through everything Steve Gleason has endured, he has kept his humor. When asked, “What is most humbling about his situation, he responded, “To be honest, having someone else wash my balls.”

28) Watch this video and tell me you don’t get chills!

29) As humans, we all have a timeline, but #37 should be forever instilled in this storied franchise.

30) Every person who enters the Dome from now till the end of time should be given the opportunity to learn about Steve Gleason. Retiring his jersey would greatly benefit us all.

31) As a Saint’s fan, we are family, and #37 should be sitting at the head of the table.

32) #37 is more than a number; rather it stands for hope, faith, and endurance to live for another day.

33) His number serves as a way to put positive in the minds of people.

34) If you can be part of a statue that symbolizes the rebirth of a city, then you sure as hell should have your number retired!

35) Simply put, He is a Saint’s Legend.

36) As Steve Gleason himself says, “Awesome ain’t easy! No white flags!” There is no better message to send to the city of New Orleans.

gleason no white flags

37) Ask yourself one question. Does he deserve it? If you can find more ways to say no than yes, then show me someone better.

Thank you for reading and remember to keep a positive approach to life. Don’t take it from me; take it from a hero like Steve Gleason. Thank you Steve Gleason for your motivation and inspiration.

Think Positive. Retire #37.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Team Mind.Set.Go.

37 Reasons to Retire #37

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