Team Mind.Set.Go. Supporting Team Gleason!

At some point in time, if you want to start something new, there is a starting point where we all must begin. If you have been following along, then you should be aware of Team Gleason, Steve Gleason, and their fight to raise awareness for ALS.

Well, the more and more I learned about ALS, the more I felt propelled to help and show support for Steve Gleason and his cause. With that said, there comes a special announcement I would like to make!

The first cause Team Mind.Set.Go. will be supporting is the Team Gleason Foundation; and here is the reasoning:

Mind.Set.Go. stands for positive thinking, and we want to position ourselves around those people who demonstrate this rather important quality in life. Steve Gleason serves as a catalyst for a positive mind, as he has chosen to look at the beauty in his life rather than dwell on the negative. He not only sees life for the best of what it has to offer, but he also is taking action to impact the lives of others in a positive way.  

Simply put, his positive mind has lead him to take positive action to make a positive impact, which directly reflects what Mind.Set.Go. is about.

We wish to help Team Gleason spread awareness about ALS while spreading one other important message to everyone: “Think Positive.” We would also like to thank Team Gleason for giving us the opportunity to help with such a great cause!

Team Gleason banner

Our Next Step?

We have chosen to designate the color white to represent Team Gleason. This means that at least 10% (could be a higher % from time to time) of sales from every shirt sold with our white logo on it will be donated back to Team Gleason.

I know this process has been taking a while, but we are getting closer to finally putting our words into actual action. Our first shirts with the white logo are being worked on as you read this. We also have a new website in the making that will launch with our first shirts in a matter of weeks.

New things are in the making and a new beginning for Mind.Set.Go. is right around the corner! We are excited to begin this journey, and excited to begin taking steps in building a brand that can serve as your reminder to Think Positive and to find the positives in life.

To keep up to date with our progress, be sure to like and follow the Mind.Set.Go. Facebook Page!

Also, I will be trying my best to keep everyone posted on the status of our 270 Mile Bike Ride, which begins this Friday! Please keep myself and Team Good Folks in your prayers as we are riding to raise funds to find a cure for ALS.  This will be an exciting experience as well as a physical and mental challenge that will push each of us beyond any limit we may have set for ourselves.

Thanks for reading and thanks for following along.

Think Positive. Support A Cause.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Team Mind.Set.Go.

Team Mind.Set.Go. Supporting Team Gleason!

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