A Positive Message

What’s up everyone. Thanks for checking this out.

I recently stumbled upon a video whose title ended in “a Wonderfully Positive Message.” Upon watching the video, I came to find out it’s the story of a man named Matthew Hoffman who wanted to put out an affirmative, yet positive message. Amazingly, his simple message, in the form of a sticker, has traveled all around the world.

His message?

“You are Beautiful.” 

Yep. This simple message on a sticker has been printed over 500,000 times since it originated! It’s just proof that even the small things can go a long way with people.  Click here to watch the short video.


So the day after I saw this video, I’m at work on the Mississippi River in the New Orleans area. On this particular day, we had to ride on a ship from New Orleans to Kenner; something we rarely do. About halfway through our “cruise,” a coworker points to the bank and says, “You are Beautiful.” Being that I just watched this video that contained the same message the night before, I stopped what I was doing and looked at my coworker confused, only to find him pointing to a building. And on the building, there is nothing other than that simple, yet positive message.

“You are Beautiful.”

I quickly grabbed my phone, and was lucky to be able to snap this photo before we cruised by it.

You are beautiful

If I had not watched that video the night before, I probably would have looked over those 3 words, not knowing the impact they could have on someone’s life.  After seeing the video and learning about the message, those 3 words on that building took on a deeper meaning to me because of the mix of simplicity and power behind the message.

To you, it may be just 3 words. But to someone else, it may be that positive affirmation they so desperately needed. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a compliment or the influence of a positive message. Positive is better. Don’t take it from me, take it from people like Matthew Hoffman who realize the power of a positive message.

My message to you is also simple, but can change your day around:

“Think Positive.”

Thanks for reading and remember, even the simple things can make a positive difference.

Think Positive. You are Beautiful.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

A Positive Message

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