How do you get through your day? You MUST WATCH this guy!

“Every step of the way, in life, there’s been people who said I can’t do things. I don’t listen too much to people when they tell me I can’t do something.” -Richie Parker

You see the story of Richie, and you see the impossible.  How can an individual achieve so much missing 2 vital pieces of his body?

Well, simply because he sees no limits for himself. Can’t does not exist.

What’s impossible to you may not be impossible to someone else; making the impossible possible.  You give a person like Richie a task, and they find a way, leaving words like “can’t” and “impossible” out of the solution.

So the next time you find yourself saying you can’t, take time to realize that your thoughts dictate what you can do. Quit thinking you can’t, because more likely than not, you can.

My message this week is simple:

Boundaries are only limits we set within our inner self. They can be exceeded with a positive mind.  Refuse to listen to those that say can’t, because the only impossible is what we set in our own mind. Don’t take it from me; rather take it from a person like Richie Parker.


Thanks for taking time to view this and I hope you found it useful.

Think Positive. Don’t listen to can’t.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Team Mind.Set.Go.


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