Keep Rolling Tee Inspiration and Meaning

To Inspire is to make someone want to do something; to give someone an idea about what to do or create. To cause someone to have a feeling or emotion. To inspire is to fill with courage or strength of purpose.

To Give Meaning is the idea that a person wants to express by using words, signs, etc.

Mind.Set.Go. will be a brand based around finding inspiration and giving meaning to the clothes we wear. It’s more than a shirt; It’s a way of life and that reminder we all need from time to time. Check out the inspiration and meaning behind our first tee!

The Inspiration for The Keep Rolling Tee

The inspiration behind the Keep Rolling tee comes from that of Steve Gleason. It comes from his passion to want to help others. It comes from how he is able to make the best out of his situation, which is something we all should try to emulate. Simply put, what Steve and Team Gleason are trying to do is inspirational and motivational.

They are trying to positively impact the lives of others. They are making a difference. They are the inspiration to not only myself, but a whole movement of followers and believers in the “No White Flags” approach to life.

DSC_0989 (1)

The Meaning

The meaning behind the phrase “Keep Rolling” is from something that Steve Gleason said that just stuck with me the first time I read it.

Steve Gleason said,

“We all face adversity and tragedy, and need inspiration and motivation to Keep Rolling.”


It’s a simple tee with a simple message: Think Positive. Keep Rolling. 

Remember, its more than a shirt, it that reminder that we all need from time to time.

Shirts go on sale Next Tuesday, September 24! 30% of first month’s sales will be donated back to Team Gleason! Thank you for taking time to read and thank you to all who have been following along. Your support is greatly appreciated as we begin this journey to give back and remind others to Think Positive.

What keeps you rolling? Whatever it is, find it and use it as motivation to get through each day. Have a great rest of the week!

Think Positive. Keep Rolling.

Think Positive. Live Positive.


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