5K Update!

5k gleason

The “Going the Extra Mile for ALS” 5K & 1 Mile Walk/Run benefiting Team Gleason is getting near! I simply wanted to take this time to thank everyone that has already signed up and that has helped contribute to making this event a success for all involved.

Thanks to our Sponsors as of 10/20/13 with more to come!

Frostop in Laplace

Mabile’s Restaurant in Laplace

Kathy’s Party Store in Laplace

Roussel’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts in Laplace

The Donut Hole in Laplace

Community Bank in Laplace

Thank you to our Extra Mile Sponsors!

Rainbow Chevrolet in Laplace

Nalco-An Ecolab Company

Thank you for your contributions:

Matherne’s Supermarket


Coca-Cola Company

Chung’s Heavenly Sweets in Laplace

Post-Run Massages will be available!

Thank you Ms. Anne Hooter from Helping Hands Massage in Laplace.

We would also like to thank Snap Fitness in Laplace, Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse in Laplace, Daydream Massage Center in Laplace, French Riviera Fitness Center in Laplace, Quick Stop Car Wash in Laplace, Sicily’s Italian Buffet in Laplace, Tres Chic, LLC in Laplace, and Team Gleason for contributing Bag Stuffers and Door Prizes for the run with more to come!

As you can see, everything is starting to come together. Unfortunately, we are missing one main thing……that would be YOU!

It doesn’t matter if you like to run or not, this is a great opportunity for us to come together as a team and help support a cause. I’m going to be completely honest, I don’t like running all that much. It sucks, I know. It hurts, its difficult, it can get quite aggravating. But don’t do it for yourself. Do it for a person like Steve Gleason or for someone you may know that may be battling ALS.

This event is not about any one individual. It’s about making a difference as a team. It’s about doing something positive for someone else.

So with that said, be sure to sign up before November 1 to be guaranteed a race shirt. Signing up is simple and can be done a number of different ways:

Online: mindsetgo5k.eventbrite.com

Today’s (10/23/13) L’observateur Newspaper, pg 2A for those in the River Parishes.

2013-10-23 10.39.21

Paper Forms can also be found at: Fatty’s Main Street Grill, Kathy’s Party Store, Frostop, Snap Fitness, French Riviera Fitness Center, Shawn’s One Stop Nutrition Shop, Roussel’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts, The Donut Hole, First American Bank, and Geaux for the Gold.

2013-10-23 12.56.51-1

Your entire life leads to the next step, the next mile. Take that extra step and go the extra mile with us.

Lastly, I found this to be interesting and thought I might quickly share it with everyone. I came across the picture below at work on a boat occupied by Chinese people.  As I read each line, I felt that it defined exactly what I have been trying to incorporate into my own life. And then I got to the last one, Put in the Extra Mile. Coincidence or not, I found it to be quite intriguing, being that the name of the 5K is “Going the Extra Mile for ALS.” It’s just a simple sign that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, going the extra mile is something that everyone can do.

So again, be sure to sign up and join us as we go the extra mile.

2013-10-15 15.02.55

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Think Positive. Go the Extra Mile.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

We all face adversity and tragedy and need inspiration and motivation to Keep Rolling.    – Steve Gleason

5K Update!

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