Your Reminder to Register!

Please, take 6 minutes out of your day to watch this video.

As the 5k is a little more than 2 weeks out, I have been told by some people that they are waiting to register because they aren’t quite sure if they can run the 3.1 miles.

It’s understandable…

I understand that maybe participating in a physical event like this may not be right up some people’s alley. When we are approached to do something that we aren’t used to doing, we feel out our comfort zone. When we get out our comfort zone, we feel vulnerable. Vulnerable to failure, vulnerable to others, and vulnerable to our own self. It’s just human nature. I can relate to this, and I’m sure all of us can relate to this feeling.

Hell, those that know me know that I’m not the most outspoken, I’m not the life of the party, and I don’t usually put myself out there like this. I’m completely out my comfort zone, but it isn’t about me. This 5k isn’t about me. Like I have been saying, it’s about coming together to show support for something that is far greater than any one individual person.

With that said, if you are worried at whether or not you can complete the 5k, then stop right there. Just like in the video, put your blindfold on, and blind your mind from thinking you can’t. Take one step at a time, and soon enough, each step will lead you much farther than where you started.

  • Push yourself
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Give your absolute best
  • Come the extra mile with us

Each person serves as a vital piece to the puzzle to making this event a success. This is a great opportunity to get active, help give back to Team Gleason, and be a part of something new. We are asking for you to sign up before this Friday, November 1, so we can have a shirt and goody bag waiting for you come November 16.

So check it out:

Stop questioning yourself, and simply click here to register today. It’s super easy. Thank you to everyone involved, and thank you for taking the time to give this a read. We will see you November 16 as we come together as a team to support Team Gleason and those battling ALS.

Sign up Today to get your 5K Shirt!
Sign up Today to get your 5K Shirt!

Think Positive. Go the Extra Mile.

Think Positive. Live Positive.


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