Over $5,100 Raised for Team Gleason!

5k start


Real quick, let’s go back to the beginning.

Going in to all of this, before it all even started, I wanted to find a way to help give back. My little $10-20 donation here and there just wasn’t filling any kind of void. I still didn’t feel like I was giving back, or making any type of significant impact. If I feel this way, I’m sure plenty other people feel the same way.

How can I make a bigger impact? How in the hell am I supposed to feel like I made a difference? After pondering over these questions, the only viable answer seemed to be to get others involved. My donation by myself may not seem like a lot, but put that together with a number of other people, and we can possibly make a larger impact all at once…..

But I also had a message I wanted to spread, which I hope you all know by now. In case you may be wondering, my message is Think Positive.

Fast Forward not even within a year of launching Mind.Set.Go., with the help of my man, James Callahan, here I am today with a special announcement.

I am proud to announce the “Going the Extra Mile for ALS” 5k & 1 Mile Walk/Run has successfully raised over $5,100 for the Team Gleason Foundation! This beats the crap out of any individual donation that I myself could have ever made. There is no way this was possible without the help of everyone involved.

I didn’t do anything.

WE did it together, as a team. Words can’t describe the feelings I have as I am typing this. It’s a surreal feeling, something that makes me feel alive and inspired to do more, and I hope that as you read this, you also feel the same way. We can do more, and we will do more. As I said before, Mind.Set.Go. is here to stay, and it’s because of the ability of individuals to come together as one to support a cause that is greater than our own self.

With that said, I want to take the time to say Thank you one more time. Please take the time to read and acknowledge each contributor to this cause.

Thanks to our generous Sponsors:

Thank You, Frostop in Laplace

Thank You, Mabile’s Restaurant in Laplace

Thank You, Kathy’s Party Store in Laplace

Thank You, Roussel’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts in Laplace

Thank You, Donut Hole in Laplace

Thank You, Community Bank in Laplace

Thank You, Coca-Cola

Thank You, St. John Physical Therapy

Thank You, Wealth Solutions, LLC

Thank you to our EXTRA MILE Sponsors:

Rainbow Chevrolet in Laplace


Louisiana Federal Credit Union in Laplace

Sheriff Mike Tregre

Cool Concepts in Laplace

Riverland Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Laplace

Thank you, Ms. Anne Hooter from Helping Hands Massage in Laplace!

Thank you to Mr. Anthony Graziano from Mobile Music Unlimited, Inc. for donating his time to give us entertainment during the entire run!

Thank you to Troy Cassioppi and the  St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office for donating Police Officers to keep our runners safe by blocking off the route on race day!

Thank you also to Lance Oncale from Fatty’s Main Street Grill who gave up his time and cooked up the meanest pastalaya you have ever tasted! Thanks to Mrs. Chung from Chung’s Heavenly Sweets for post-race dessert!

Thank you also to Community Bank in Laplace, Mr. Greg Loisel from Coca-Cola,  Matherne’s Supermarket, and Food-4-Less for making sure we stay hydrated by contributing drinks and pre-race fruit!

We would also like to Thank:

Snap Fitness in Laplace, French Riviera Fitness Center in Laplace, Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse in Laplace,

Daydream Massage Center in Laplace,Quick Stop Car Wash in Laplace,

Sicily’s Italian Buffet in Laplace, Tres Chic, LLC in Laplace,

Belle Terre Golf Course in Laplace, Riverlands Golf and Country Club in Laplace,

New Breed Nutrition, LSU Baseball Team, New Orleans Dent Repair, Research Fumigation Company,

and Team Gleason for contributing bag stuffers and Door Prizes for the run!

Thank you to The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Laplace for your kind donation to help cover race expenses.

Thank you Kathy Mesmerelli from Kathy’s Party Store in Laplace for the job well done on the finish line.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for each and every one of your contributions.

Ms. Rosemary from Tres Chic, LLC, Ms. Diana, and my Mom.
Ms. Rosemary from Tres Chic, LLC, Ms. Diana, and my Mom.
Bail and Crystal working hard at the Registration Table!
Bail and Crystal working hard at the Registration Table!
My Brother and Friends were also a huge help.
My Brother and Friends were also a huge help.

I also want to thank Ms. Melanie Basile from Community Bank, Greg “Za” Maurin, Tara Schlosser from Snap Fitness, Meredith Dufrene from Sicily’s Italian Buffet, Ms. Rosemary from Tres Chic, LLC, Ms. Cindy Helm, Baileigh Rebowe, Darin Helm, Crystal Metcalf, Courtney Robottom, Ms. Diana Tambunga, my grandmaw and grandfather, Steven Faucheux, my brother, Klay, and Chris Millet,  and Jeff Montz for all your help.

Tara from Snap Fitness and Meredith from Sicily's  were a huge help!
Tara from Snap Fitness and Meredith from Sicily’s were a huge help!

Another thanks to Jesse Braud, who I have to give credit to for coming up with the name of the run!

Thanks also to James Callahan who has been there from the get go, always having my back with all of this, from the start.

James and I pre-race!
James and I pre-race!
My Grandmaw and Grandpa
My Grandmaw and Grandpa

A special Thank You goes to my parents, Dawn and Kris Olasin, who not only were a huge help and supporters, but allowed me to turn their house into an absolute war zone for about 2 months while the run was being planned. Thanks also to my dad for the race day pics!

Darin and Corey going the Extra Mile
Darin and Corey going the Extra Mile
Ms. Melanie going the Extra Mile!
Ms. Melanie going the Extra Mile!

Lastly, but certainly not least, Thank you to all of those that came out to participate and went the Extra Mile with us to help show support for Team Gleason! Without you, absolutely none of this was possible. We look forward to having all of you join us for future events with Mind.Set.Go., as we will continue to look for ways to help give back.

Special Thanks to James Callahan and Kelly Fogleman for this Special Gift they surprised me with!
Special Thanks to James Callahan and Kelly Fogleman for this Special Gift they surprised me with!

Click here to view some photos from last Saturday on our Facebook Page!

*We will also be placing one more order for the Keep Rolling Tee on next Wednesday, November 27.*

30% of sales will be added to the already $5,100 we have helped to raise for Team Gleason! To place your order, simply click here.

Don’t forget; The ability to go the Extra Miles lies in between your ears. So next time you think you can’t, remember you can.

Think Positive. Go the Extra Mile.

Think Positive. Live Positive.

Over $5,100 Raised for Team Gleason!

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