What’s Your Why?

Please feel free to listen to some music while you read this.

What’s Up Everyone. Thanks for giving this a quick look. I want to keep this Short and Simple, so let’s jump into it!

Last Blog ended with

“Think Positive. What’s Your Message?

Think Positive. Live Positive.” 

Big Mick Stein told us his story and shared his message with us. The feedback Big Mick received was amazing, and it’s great to hear and see of everyone who showed their appreciation and supported the fact that he is learning and growing from his adverse situation rather than let it defeat him.

Mr. Mick has the choice of how to handle his situation, and he chooses to go about it in a positive light, which is truly inspirational.Thank you again Big Mick for your time and positive impact. Your message has been listened to.


I’ve been thinking a lot about:

The topic of the importance of having a Message to Spread, or a “Why.” 

From why we do what we do, to why we say the things we say, to why we even get up in the morning. Everyone has a “Why.”  Some of us find it sooner than others, and some act on it sooner than others, but somewhere, inside each of us, lies a “Why.” Search, and We Will Find.

Because when we find our “Why”……..

We begin to do things differently. We still fuck up. And hell, we fuck up a lot (Excuse the language. It’s true). These simple screw ups should only be looked at as building blocks. As lessons, as opposed to problems.

Your Why Keeps You Going. It Keeps You Rolling. It Keeps You Focused.


Since we are keeping it simple, Mind.Set.Go’s Why is to simply be your reminder to Think Positive. It’s to help us Give Back, to Inspire others, and to Promote a Positive Mindset. As we work to continually grow Mind.Set.Go., we hope that everyone is growing also as individuals along the way. I know adapting the Mind.Set.Go. Mentality has definitely affected my life and Big Mick’s life in a positive light. I only hope that many of you feel the same way as you have been following along and contributing to the growth of Mind.Set.Go.

Yea, we still make mistakes, we still screw up, and we still forget to do things at times. But now we have a reminder. We have something telling us to Keep Rolling. We have something telling us to Hold Our Self Accountable. There is something there saying, “You can do better, and you will do better.”

That something is Mind.Set.Go.

And the fascinating part about it?

It all starts with the way we think.

So my message, once again, simply is Think Positive. This shit really does make a difference.

Thank you everyone for taking time to read this. Have a Great Friday and an even better weekend. Thanks again Big Mick for the inspiration and motivation.

Remember to Have Fun. Find Your Why and Keep It in Mind.

Think Positive. What’s Your Why?

Think Positive. Live Positive.


What’s Your Why?

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