Live Fit Tee Meaning

What’s up Everyone. Thanks for giving this a quick look.

As we all have hopefully come to notice, a Mind.Set.Go. Tee is nothing without a meaning behind it. So with the new Live Fit Tee about to hit the streets next week, I wanted to break down the meaning behind the Tee first.

So without any further delay, here is the Live Fit Tee Meaning:


To be Fit, is “to be in good health because of regular physical exercise.”

Being fit physically is great and all, but Living Fit Mentally is where it’s at.

Everything we go through in life; good, bad,or indifferent, shapes us and forms us.

The Game Changer in life is when we get in shape with our thought process, and start to live life in a more positive way, something we are all capable of.

At times, we may lose focus and get distracted by what goes on around us, but the more fit we are mentally, the more determined we will be to work towards our goals.

Our bodies will only take us so far, but it is 100% our minds that will Keep us Rolling through the finish line in life. Your body gives in when your mind tells it to, so being fit mentally will only help us to push further than expected, and with Mind.Set.Go., that’s all we are looking to do. We are looking to Take that Extra Step, Go that Extra Mile, Push out just One More Rep, and Keep Going when others may quit.

Live Fit by Doing More. Live Fit by Taking Action. Live Fit by Giving that Extra Effort. Live Fit simply by Thinking Positive.

Live Fit Mentally, and allow your thoughts to be a catalyst for a Better, More Positive You.

This Tee is simply your Reminder to Keep your Thoughts in Shape and Live Fit Mentally by Exercising a Positive Thought Process. It’s Simple; Think Positive. Live Fit.

Front: “Live Fit.” with Mind.Set.Go. underneath. 80% Polyester and 20% Viscose, making it an extremely comfortable fit for all activities.



"Think Positive. Live Positive." going down Upper Spine.
“Think Positive. Live Positive.” going down Upper Spine.

Remember, it’s more than a shirt, it’s that constant reminder we all need from time to time.

15% of all sales will be donated to Team Gleason as we continue to support Steve Gleason and Team Gleason in their efforts to raise awareness for ALS.

To learn more about ALS and Team Gleason or to just follow along with Steve’s inspirational journey, check out

Thanks to everyone again for the support and for following along with Mind.Set.Go. as we continue to work through any kinks and learn as we grow both as a team and as individuals. This is a process, and Mind.Set.Go. will continue to make progress as we work towards our goal to give back, inspire, and promote a positive mindset. None of this is possible without each of you.

Also, Congrats to Katie Reine and Robert Dawson for winning a Live Fit Tee through our Easter Give-A-Way on Facebook earlier this week! Thanks for following along and being a part of Mind.Set.Go.!

And these are Ironman Tested and Approved as they were worn throughout the Ironman New Orleans on April 13th.
And these are IRONMAN Tested and Approved as they were worn throughout the IRONMAN New Orleans on April 13th.

*Shirts will be online next week, and there is only a limited supply! Be sure to follow closely and be ready to order when they launch!

Live Fit Tee Meaning

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