Whose Been Reppin Mind.Set.Go.?

Whether its someone accomplishing a challenging task, or just another day, Mind.Set.Go. is making its way around, and we just wanted to give another huge shout out to everyone who not only rep Mind.Set.Go., but to all who believe in what Mind.Set.Go. stands for. Thank you to everyone for sharing how you rep your reminder!


steve msg shirt

I just want to give my Thanks to Lauren Bowman, Steve Gleason, and the rest of the Team Gleason crew for being supportive of Mind.Set.Go., and for giving us the opportunity to help contribute to Steve and Team Gleason.

Thanks for rockin’ Mind.Set.Go., and Thanks for being a positive inspiration to so many of us. We look forward to making a larger impact in the future! To keep up with Steve, his battle with ALS, and his health, check out teamgleason.org. No White Flags!

IMG_0097 IMG_1845 20140216_205005-1 (1)

Over the months, we have a great compilation of Selfies going on.

From Glee’s Heather Morris in California, Blake Gillies in Laplace, Rachel Bain in New Orleans, Zach Osborne in Texas, Mike Cook in Lafayette, Mike Oncale on the parade routes, Corey Clay, whose becoming an avid crossfitter, and everyone else, keep them coming!!

IMG_20140320_204603 IMG_20140330_135150

On the right, Mike Cook also decided to Rep his Keep Rolling Tee for his first Half Marathon! He survived and is now preparing for his first Triathlon. Good Stuff Cook….And he has one hell of a Beard. Well Done Mr. Cook….Well Done.

IMG_20140224_185916 IMG_20140307_101131


PhotoGrid_1401814342333 Screenshot_2014-05-09-20-28-45~2

Above is Taylor Hubbell who recently ran his first Half Marathon in San Diego and also Survived. So glad Mind.Set.Go. was a part of that accomplishment, and Huge Congrats!

Above to the right is Megan Bernard, who is taking the modeling world by storm, inspiring many people along the way. She loves to Live Fit, is very engaging with her fans, and is a great example of someone taking control of their passion. Thanks for the support Miss Megan B.


Heavy Marathon casey graver reppinIMG_0019

Another Huge Shoutout and Congrats to Tommy Spiotta for completing a Heavy Marathon! This guy went 26.2 Miles with 35 pounds on his back in 8 hours and 32 minutes. That’s truly incredible!
Huge Accomplishment and Test of the Mind. Thanks for Reppin your Reminder to Keep Rolling for your journey!

Also, on the top right, Casey Graver repped his reminder during a 5k Glow Run in Arizona! Looking good Casey. Looking Real Good.

Above is myself along with Katie Fisse who has modeled the Keep Rolling and Live Fit Tees. She is a school teacher by day, and makes for a great Mind.Set.Go. Model on the side. Thanks KT!


Screenshot_2014-04-26-11-48-23 big mick board Big mick msg

Can’t say Thank you enough to Big Mick Stein from Norco who has been nothing but supportive of Mind.Set.Go. If you missed his Mind.Set.Go. story, click here to give it a read.

It’s truthful, its honest, and it has a powerful message. This man is an example of a positive change. Keep Rolling Big Mick and thanks for your support.


These three pictures are some of my favorites of myself reppin’ some Mind.Set.Go. Top Left, Jason Melancon any myself after one of the longest days ever. We crossed the Finish Line of the New Orleans Ironman. What an Experience. Thanks for sharing that experience with me Jason.

Top Right is Mrs. Kathy Mesmerelli from Kathy’s Party Store in Laplace. She has been such a helping hand ever since I first met her. If you have yet to read about Mrs. Kathy, check it out here.

Above is myself along with my Brother, Mom, and Dad after the Rock and Roll Marathon in New Orleans. Thank you so much for the support and always being there to help!


Blake MSG sonny keep rolling image (8)

Top Left is Blake Fogleman Reppin his Reminder after doing a little training for an upcoming Triathlon this September! Not to mention it will be his first one. We got this Blake. Thanks for Reppin.

Top Right is the one and only Mr. Sonny Fisse of Fisse Graphics just taking a little nap at a family gathering….Food must have been amazing.

Mrs. Karen and Mr. Sonny Fisse have been beyond helpful with the production of the shirts. Thank you for the help and flexibility along the way! Can’t do it without you.

Above is Taylor Domengeaux who is a man of Family, Faith, and Crossfit. Mind.Set.Go. is proud to have him as part of the Team and looks forward to his success in crossfit as he works daily towards his goals. To check out Taylor’s Mind.Set.Go. Story, click here. It’s worth the read.

So far, along this journey, Mind.Set.Go. is starting to grow into that positive reminder we all need from time to time. As you can see, it’s with the help and support of each person that we are able to spread our message of what we stand for. We stand for Giving Back. We stand for Inspiring. We stand for Thinking Positive.

Thank you again to each and every person who is a part of Mind.Set.Go. From big to small, if you follow Mind.Set.Go. and believe in our message, you are a part of the team.

Remember, this is more than just another shirt. It’s that simple reminder we all need from time to time to Stay Positive.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to check this out. Have a Great and Safe Weekend!

Think Positive. How do you Rep your Reminder?

Think Positive. Live Positive.





Whose Been Reppin Mind.Set.Go.?

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