Monday Morning Reminder: Remembering Mr. Jay Rink…

“Once you put your mind to something, then you can do it. It’s about having a Positive Attitude, and it’s what you choose. Our attitude is a choice, and it all depends on what you choose. But you have to want to do it. You have to have that desire.”  – Jay Rink

At times, the simplest of things can seemingly affect our attitude, either for better or for worse…While it’s the little things that seemingly bear a small weight, they all add up on the scoreboard in the Game of Life.

Life is the makeup of all the little things, those that affect us both in a positive and negative way. Life is what we sometimes take for granted because it seems that it’s given to us regardless of our outlook, which as we should know, nothing (not even life) is guaranteed.

So, each day you are given a new opportunity, challenge yourself to choose to be positive, to make the best out of your life, regardless of the circumstances. Like Mr. Jay said, put your mind to it and develop that Desire, simply because once you put your mind to something, you can do it. This is one of the simple choices we all have that will add up to make a big difference.

Think Positive. Choose to be Positive. It will make a Difference.

Group Pic. Thumbs up.
We recently raised $4,000 for Mr. Jay Rink with our Fundrasier, A.L.S. for ALS, back in August 2014. Mr. Jay even came out to help deliver over 500 Lunch Meals!

For those unaware, Mr. Jay Rink lost his battle with ALS this past Saturday, June 6. In our mind, Mr. Jay will be remembered for his kind, open spirit, and he will also serve as our reminder that Attitude is indeed a Choice. Mr. Jay was a person who chose to remain positive even though his situation could have stated otherwise. He faced his battle by showing Determination, Focusing on his Family, Inspiring others, and continually Giving Back to others in need.

Thank you to everyone who helped with our effort to Give Back to Mr. Jay. He was very appreciative. Thank you to Mr. Jay Rink, his Family, and to Jay’s Defensive Line for allowing us to get to know Mr. Jay.

Lastly, Keep Rolling, Mr. Jay. Send down that reminder we all need from time to time to Keep Rolling through the game of life, even when we are faced with adversity.

Thank you for reading. Have a Great, Inspired Week.

Monday Morning Reminder: Remembering Mr. Jay Rink…

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