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The Monday Morning Reminder….

For me, they have been a way to express myself and share my thoughts. At the same time, it has also served as an avenue to listen. At times, I gear the MMR towards certain people who have shared certain feelings with me, who I’ve tried my best to listen to and understand…

My thought is that we are seldom alone. We all have different experiences, yes, but through our experiences, we may share similar feelings. If I feel it, maybe someone else can feel it too.  It’s a matter of putting it out there for someone else to feel. Sometimes, we resist from putting it out there.

The Monday Morning Reminder, for me, is one way to put it out there.

What’s a simple way you can put something out there? Whatever it is, go ahead, give it a shot…

MindSetGo’s most persistent posts are the Monday Morning Reminder. As a Thank You to those who follow along with MindSetGo and the Monday Morning Reminders, I wanted to make the MMR a little more tangible.

So, Here’s why and how you can Win a Reminder…

I reached out to 3 people who are passionate about creating, about giving, and about making others happy. I gave them a blank canvas and asked them to pick out, from a list of Monday Morning Reminders, one Reminder they liked.

From There…

I shared my thoughts to give one perspective, but asked each person to create their own piece which I would use as a giveaway. Without any hesitation, each person I approached was quick to lend a hand.

The 3 people that came to mind?

-My sister, Katie Olasin, who is as humble as any person you will ever meet. She will probably stress a little over people knowing she made a Reminder. Not because she is embarrassed, but because she is her own toughest critic. Her art has always amazed me and each time I see a piece of art, I think to myself, “Katie could probably create something like this…” I enjoy her creative mind and am thankful for her time, as she was pregnant with her first boy on the way when she made this. Thank you Sista.

Me and my Sister, Katie.
Me and my Sister, Katie.
Katie’s Reminder – “Life is Short. Cherish It.”
Full Version of the Reminder on the back.
Full Version of the Reminder on the back.

-My Classroom Partner last year at Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy (KDHSA), Mr. Peter Barntz, who is the Art Teacher. Peter gave up a piece of his classroom to allow it to serve as my “Office.” Peter’s passion for art is unreal. He has an ability to see art in it’s most simplest, broken down form. He has given me such a high appreciation for art and the different forms of art, which he teaches to his students. He’s involved in the Kenner City Arts Council and is an inspirational artist. His style is unique, and you will see that in his “Focus” Reminder. Thanks Peter. You are Appreciated.

Peter Barnitz with his "Focus" Reminder
Peter Barnitz with his “Focus” Reminder
Think Positive. Focus.
Turn your Reminder over for the Full Version on the back.
Turn your Reminder over for the Full Version on the back.

-An old family friend recently reunited through KDHSA where she is a Prek/K Teacher, Katie Morenc. Katie has gone out of her way to be a friend to me. She will be heard and state her opinion anywhere, at any time, but she is a person whose willingness to help others is great to see.  This is a strong individual, who is probably tearing up from reading this, but has supported me in countless, unexpected ways. Sometimes I’m left speechless at her thoughtfulness. Katie, Thank You.

Katie Morenc with her "Enjoy Your Journey" Reminder.
Katie Morenc with her “Enjoy Your Journey” Reminder.
Think Positive. Enjoy Your Journey.
Think Positive. Enjoy Your Journey.

Full Version.

I’m grateful each of you took the time to create your own Monday Morning Reminder. It means more than you know to have your help. I can only hope you were able to enjoy the process.

Lastly, these Reminders are meant to serve as exactly what the name insists, A Reminder. It’s something to reflect upon when things may seem stagnant or doubt, fear, and other negative emotions come a knockin’. Hopefully it serves good purpose.

How To Win a Reminder?

If you would like to win the reminder for yourself, or maybe use it as a gift for someone else, simply “LIKE” the reminder when it’s posted! Super Easy! For the next 3 Monday Morning Reminders, 1 of these will be posted, so be on the lookout! Share MindSetGo around and give it a Like. It’s Greatly Appreciated.

Winners will be announced on the Wednesday after the reminder has been posted!

Thanks again to everyone who has followed along. I appreciate the support. This is just one little, simple thank you for being a part of MindSetGo.

MMR Giveaway x3

All the Best,

Kyle Olasin

MindSetGo Giveaway! Win a Monday Morning Reminder! Details Here…

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