Shout Outs Necessary! – IRONMAN 2016

Wow. Where to start? What a day.

While we are actually in the moment and struggling though the 70.3 miles, there’s actually people out there supporting us. I find that so awesome and so incredible. Like, no one has to come out to cheer anyone on, but they do. So, for people to do that, it’s so cool to me.

I know it’s been super long since I’ve posted on the MindSetGo Blog, but I hope to try to find more time to write and post more often. I’d like to get back into it. There’s so much I should post, I just need to do a better job of doing so.

So, I wanted to take advantage of having a blog to post some IRONMAN pics and say thanks to everyone who supported both me and Garrett. Either by coming out, thinking about us, tracking us, wishing us luck, simply liking a pic that’s posted, asked us about it, complimented us for it, thinks we’re crazy, or whatever other ways one can possibly think of to support us.

Support is support, and at the end of the day, it makes me feel thankful for so many people. We appreciate it, even in the smallest forms. Y’all are great!

So, I’ll post pics and speak (or write) about them. Enjoy checking them out!

Without any further delay, Ironman 2016 Pics, Shout Outs, and Thanks!

First, I have to start with the people who put me here…

Thank you to My Mom and Dad who came out to see me Cross the Line.

My mom was worried about me because apparently, my tracker was a bit delayed (may have been because I was moving so slow) and she thought something went wrong.

In a way, she was correct. Something was wrong….

It was windy as shit!

But hey, that’s what mother’s do, so I understand…Slow and steady mother, slow and steady 🙂

My Dad is my “Bike Mechanic.” Before every ride I take on any bike I’ve ever rode on, he always make sure I’m set. (Except for the one time Jesse picked up the bike from my parent’s in Laplace and brought it to Florida with the wrong pedals on it. It’s ok. Those pedals ended up working just fine. I still blame Jesse to this day for not noticing the wrong pedals 🙂

Seriously though, knowing my dad has approved my bike before each ride really does bring me a serious sense of comfort while I’m riding. He’d do it for anyone too, so thanks for that Dad.

Love y’all both. Even though I don’t always show it, it was great to see y’all there!


Next, Big Thanks to Steve, Michelle, Flash, Lauren aka L-Bo, Sally and Charlie (who for some reason weren’t in the pic! I didn’t even realize until I saw the pic they weren’t in it with us.) for catching me and Garrett at mile 4 of the run. Guys, this makes 2 successful races in a row when yall come out. 🙂 So great to see y’all. Sorry to make y’all wait. We were moving as fast as we could…. I promise.

Love this Pic.



Next up, Lauren Randazza needs a huge Shout Out! I’m fortunate to know her through Kenner Discovery where we work. This chick is so hard working, she can run circles around me.

This was Lauren’s first Ironman, and she crushed it, despite the wind!! She’s been encouraging towards me and helped me to push through the last marathon we ran in. I was hoping to catch her on the course, but she kicked too much ass. Congrats Lauren! Great job.



Y’all, this next group of people is absolutely amazing. They literally came out to the Ironman and stayed from beginning to end! That’s right, 6:30am – 5:00pm. They were there before the race began. They were there for the start. (They even found a spot to cheer us on for the swim. I actually heard them when I was turning for the last 1/4 of the swim. Now, I will be honest, my goggles didn’t give me the clearest view, but my ears heard them loud and clear cheering us on.) They were there when we got out the swim. They were there when we took off on the worst 56 mile bike I’ve ever imagined. They were there 4 hours later when we returned!

They met us at Mile 6 with Beer and Cookies! Beer and fricken Cookies!

And when they had nothing to eat all day, they were there at the finish line. They were there afterwards. They were there all day!

Huge shout out, Thanks, and much love to some fellow coworkers, better known as friends; Katie Caldarera, her daughter Lizzy, her sister Ashley, and Michelle. Also thanks to Claire and Caitlyn who we also saw at the start! And also, Courtney Millet and friends for meeting us at the Finish Line. 🙂 This was the Support Crew for sure!

All Day!

If I may, please allow me to say a few good words about each of these people.

If you don’t know Katie, hopefully you know someone in your life just like her. This chick reminds me almost daily what it means to give to others. She will for real do anything for anyone in need, and her heart dips far below the surface of what life has to offer. She appreciates and understands the importance of the small things in life, and she has constantly been a selfless person since we began working together last year. She motivates through her support and she is the President of the Support Crew! She even made it on WDSU News for her enthusiasm! Thanks Katie for everything you offer to me, you show me, and you do for me daily.

**Quick side story about Katie. A few nights before, Kt sends me a text and asks if I need any Gatorade or Snack Bars for the run. My response…

Beer and Cookies.

So, Beer and fresh baked cookies is what we got. So awesome. They were so good! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. **

Next, Lizzy is the one that brought me and G through the Finish Line. She waited the entire day for her moment to cross the line with us, and she did not let us down. Me and G were so relieved to be so close to the finish line, yet we were both laboring so hard until Lizzy ran out in front of us, gave as a tailwind, and led us straight through the finish line. So great! Ohh, and she’s in 2nd grade!

Since the Ironman, Lizzy is now registered for her first Triathlon in June! That’s a true champ. Great job and Thank you Lizzy!

Ashley is Katie’s younger sister, who also works with us at Kenner Discovery. A quick story about Ashley. So, she’s got a bad knee. She said she would try to join us for the run, and when the time came to it, she was down for the challenge. Despite her knee swelling up like a balloon, she still put forth the effort to join us for some run support.

She was a warrior all day and was always sure to remind us that if we went down, she’d be there to save us, and she was true to that. Appreciate that Ashley. 🙂

Ashley and Lizzy running with us! 

Then there is Michelle. Michelle is a running partner, friend, and coworker at Kenner Discovery as well. This chick joined us for the last 6 miles of our run. She was there for moral support, and helped so much. Appreciate you joining us. It was good to have a fresh pair of legs with us!

Michelle, Ashley, KT, Claire, Caitlyn, and Lizzy!



Lastly, I’ve got to give the credit to Garrett O’Hanlin for being crazy enough to join me, even though neither of us had any significant training under our belt. Seriously, the last time we hopped on a bike was at the Brett Robinson Tri in Gulf Shores back in September, so we were in the same boat.

We literally stuck together for the entire 8 hours during this experience. For the swim, we looked out for each other. For the bike, he smoked me, but let me catch up with him at different points throughout the wind torn 56 miles. For the run, step for step, we were together. And finally, me and G crossed the line together.

G, without you, I’m not sure where my mind would have wondered to. That was some good shit. Fun day. Great 70.3 Miles bro. Appreciate You.

Oh, not to mention, that was Garrett’s 1st Ironman. Congrats G. Well Deserved.

Check it out:

KO and G preselfie
Patiently Waiting to Roll. 
Out the water. And yep, that’s the Support Crew we are High Fiving!
We Biking. #NoWhiteFlags #AirForce #TeamRicca
Yea, I love this pic. You see it though. #KeepRolling 


Get us off these Bikes! About to take off for the 13.1 Mile Run.
Done. Call it a day. 70.3 


Well, that’s all I have from here. Thanks again to everyone for your support. Those that supported us goes far beyond just the ones on this blog, so please make note of that.

My personal testimony is that Support matters. It helps. It makes a difference to people. Take a second to be thankful for those that support you and those you are capable of offering your support to. Challenge yourself to support others. Keep this simple action in mind as you go throughout your day.

Again, all of your support, big or small, was felt, and we appreciate it. Thanks for reading and checking out our adventure as we Crossed the Line.

I’m Out.

The feeling when it’s all over…




Shout Outs Necessary! – IRONMAN 2016

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